Day & Night 30w Solar LED Skylight, Solar Charged Battery

Solar charged, battery powered, LED Skylight. Dependable light you can rely on, regardless of the weather. The easiest way to add more light to your home. A DIY alternative to conventional electric lighting and skylights.

The LED Light is turned on by motion sensing, day or night. Auto-magically turning itself on when you enter the room! The LED Light will turn off after 10 minutes of no motion. 

  • 30 watt polycrystalline solar panel
    • 20" x 17" in dimension
    • Rotate to any angle and 3 position tilt bracket
    • 10 yards (30 feet) of power wire
  • 6.4 Ah Lithium Battery
    • Run Time: Powers LED Ceiling Light for up to 9 hours
    • Recharges to full with 4-6 hours, depending on solar conditions.
    • Operating Temperature: -45F to 117F (-20C to +65C)
  • Motion Sensor
    • Detects motion from 12 ft. away. 
    • Concealed on top of your ceiling panel.
    • Turns light off after 10 minutes of no motion.
  • 10" LED Ceiling Light
    • 15W / 16V LED Light 
    • Output: 900 lumens (90 watt incandescent equivalent)
      • Steady output due to battery supplied power
    • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
    • Color Temperature: 5000 - 5500K (pure white)
    • White aluminum trim ring
    • Easy install ceiling bracket

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