Solar LED Skylights

The easiest way to bring more light into your world.

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Add Bright and Dependable Light to Your World in Minutes

Installation is quick in simple. You'll spend more time digging out your ladder, than you will installing a Cedar Hill Solar LED Skylight!

NO large holes.
NO hard to install Tubing or Light Shafts.
NO electricians needed.
NO contractor specialists required.

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Day & Night Battery Option


We have added a battery charged option to our Solar LED Skylights! Motion activated, charges while you are away, ready for when you return. A 'skylight' that operates during day and night! Learn More

Storm Proof Lighting

Wind storms, heavy rain, coastal storm surges, blizzards, hurricanes, tornados, rolling black-outs. There are a number of reasons that could cause a sudden local or regional power outage. 

Come home to a well lit house, even when the power is out!

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Solar LED Skylights

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